TypeScript Expertise

TypeScript is a free and open source programming language developed by Microsoft. Under Apache license, this JavaScript superset is intended to improve and secure the production of JavaScript code.


Programming can take different forms: from the simple static page to the dynamic page. Static content is managed by HTML. The CSS manages the formatting of pages. JavaScript is an event-based scripting language that is interpreted by the browser and dynamizes pages. Libraries and JavaScript frameworks are very numerous (Jquery, Backbone JS, AngularJS …).

TypeScript is object-oriented, and is a superset of JavaScript, which means that any valid JavaScript can be used with TypeScript. We can take a code written in JavaScript, make it a TypeScript source, and add, for example classes and interfaces. The code is compiled to produce standard JavaScript, and compatible with any browser. Its main purpose is to improve and secure the production of JS code.


Each browser does not implement the JavaScript interpretation in the same way. A browser can thus treat a JavaScript statement differently. Using TypeScript will generate standard JavaScript code, interpretable by any browser, as standard.

It overcomes the informal structure of JavaScript, to facilitate the interpretation of code by the developers, from the first look of the source code.
Coupled with TSLint, it will also produce uniform code and comply with all development standards implemented to achieve the project.
It is a language designed to only develop front-end. However, it can be used for both front-office development (websites …) and back-office develoment (such as an administration area, or applications).

TypeScript provides better maintenance in the development of complex web applications. It is widely used with the Angular framework, but can be used with any development environment.

Why TypeScript ?

TypeScript can be used to have a lighter code than JavaScript, but it does not perform as well as raw JavaScript.
It mainly makes the developments more reliable and more robust, while allowing a better readability and understanding of the source code. It will be easily used in the context of rapid development of web applications or heavy applications, especially with autocompletion needs, for example.

What we’ll do

Our team, based in Clermont-Ferrand, and involved throughout France, will accompany you for all types of development projects, in TypeScript, or Angular … . Our expertise allows us to fulfill your requests, to advise you on the technologies to use, as well as on the standards of use.

IDFOR’s promesse

IDFOR was created to simplify the digital transition of our customers, and to improve and simplify data transmission, relying on a high level of technical know-how..

Team spirit

Our team is composed of experienced project managers. They are at the service of all your projects and will do their best to make them succeed.

Agile approach

We manage your projects in an agile and interactive way, with your teams, in our offices and lead regular meetings and progress points with your project managers.


We implement professional methodologies for the success of your projects. Our approach: AnalyzeDesignDevelopCheckDeliver.