Software development :

IDFOR Solutions has a long experience in the field of application design. Our expertise allows us to analyze your needs, advise you on the technologies to use, and ensure the development of applications in multiple environments.

Consulting :

We will be at your side in the design and management of your digital transformation projects as well as in the optimization of your existing services.

e-Commerce solutions :

We integrate all your business applications, in order that they communicate better with your e-commerce platform. To better serve you, we have created a global offer to streamline communication and integration between your applications.

Smartphone apps :

IDFOR Solutions will assist you in the development, management and monitoring of your iOs or Android custom mobile/smartphone application. Our expertise allows us to analyze your needs, and to completely fulfill your requests.

Digital signature :

In a 100% digital economy, and because we are at the dawn of a generalization of digital transactions, the electronic signature finds a place more and more relevant in our society. Discover our solution in a dedicated SaaS mode !