Node.js expertise

Node.js is a platform for developing server-side web apps, through different modules. Based on a JavaScript runtime, this solution is also suitable for creating webservices (or service APIs). It is also expandable with the TypeScript overlay.

Nowadays, computer systems are increasingly complex and heavy, whether in hardware or software. Web applications help to overcome this heaviness. Available through browsers, they provide access to a service on any medium: computer, tablet, mobile. Users or collaborators no longer need to install application software on a terminal to access it. Node.js allows to develop applications based on this model.

Why use Node.js ?

Node.js is used to create very fast applications, requiring, for example, an upload module, a chat, or any other system requiring a fast response to many requests. Node.js offers many modules to simply build a software architecture, and is also used to allow the realization of non-blocking actions, in a web application, for example (different calls to a database or to APIs. ..). Node.js can handle many requests, and avoid delays (as in other synchronous languages). Moreover, its event-driven nature is powerful for easily “listening” to events.

About Node.js

Based on Google Chrome’s V8 engine (an open source tool created by Google that parses and runs JavaScript very quickly), Node.js is known for its performance, speed and optimization. Today, it represents one of the most recognized platforms for the web-app development.

Since JavaScript is a language designed around the notion of event, Node.js is based on a non-blocking model (asynchronous nature). The operations run in a linear way, one after the other, without having to wait for the result of the previous operation. Indeed, in JavaScript, almost all operations are non-blocking (HTTP requests, read/write operations, calls to the database …). The server can thus manage a lot of simultaneous connections, without affecting application’s performance. On the other hand, the single-threaded nature of Node.js will be a disadvantage in the context of high-CPU applications.

So far, JavaScript has always been used on the client side. Node.js offers a server-side environment: it comes in replacement of server languages ​​like PHP, Java EE … .

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Our team of specialists is able to work on all types of projects. IDFOR Solutions has a long experience in the field of application design. Our expertise allows us to analyze your needs, to fulfill your requests, to advise you on the technologies to use, as well as on the standards of use.

Our experts work with you in a personalized way, for services of type :

– Need analysis ; – Making of specifications ; – Application development ; – Writing and tests execution ; – Documentation writing ; – Corrections and maintenance … .

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