Knowage Suite expertise

IDFOR designs and assists you in deploying Knowage solutions within your information system. Knowage is an open source suite of business analytics tools combining traditional data sources and big data sources in order to provide with relevant and comprehensive information.

We are facing an exponential increase in the amount of computer data coming from all sources. But can we fully exploit all the assets the data possesses ? The value of these data strongly depends on: analysis. Indeed, the major issue of the extracted data is that they are usable, exploitable, whatever the sources. Tools like the Knowage Suite exist, allowing end users to explore and analyze their information visually and intuitively.


Knowage Suite is a fully SaaS suite. This all-in-one solution adapts to all needs, and works plug-and-play. Also very customizable, it allows everyone to adapt, and customize their workspace. Collaborative, it allows sharing notes and comments between users, as well as various data.

Two versions

All Knowage products, developed from the same architecture, share much more than just their technology: they use and share the same analytics and metadata bases, security and all the other benefits of the Suite. In addition, some features are used in many products, since Knowage offers a single basic solution.

Community Edition

Coming from the long history of SpagoBI, Knowage Community Edition includes the whole set of free and open source analytical capabilities. It is part of the software package managed by the OW2 consortium.

Enterprise Edition

Contains some advanced features and professional services for administrators, offered and guaranteed by Engineering Group, Italian IT leader.

A modular approach

Knowage Suite is made of several modules. Each module is designed for a specific analytic area, and represents the solution for a specific task. The modules can be combined to create a tailor-made product, which ensures full coverage of the user’s analytical needs.

Big Data: This module combines structured business data with external data. It uses NoSQL and BigData data sources, and more traditional sources. It offers BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools), reporting, and advanced visualization (dataviz/datamining) capabilities.

Smart Intelligence: Easy to use, this module allows ad-hoc reporting, through independent information. It gives the possibility of multidimensional analysis (OLAP : OnLine Analytical Processing), data traceability (data lineage), and federated architecture (data federation) and multi-entities.

Enterprise Reporting: This module uses traditional data sources for process reporting, and BIRT/Jasper reporting. Advanced planning, event monitoring and mailing to lists are some of the most popular features of the “Enterprise Reporting” block of the Knowage suite.

Location Intelligence: This module locates cloud data to combine it with business data in real time. It uses an interface and WMS webservices protocols to display maps, and WFS (Web Feature Service) for querying map servers. The displayed maps can be dynamic, or static, and exploitable by zoom levels, spatial scale … .

Performance ManagementThis module allows to visualize company’s KPIs, in real time, notably by adding widgets, or scorecards. The module detects and reacts, and also has a system of personalized alerts.

Predictive Analysis: The Predictive Analysis module makes assumptions, and evaluates their impact, interactively. It offers datamining and textmining capabilities and OLAP-based online analytical processing.

Embedded Intelligence: The module distributes the results of a BI (Business Intelligence) analysis to external applications. It uses standard APIs, general and specific REST services, and an LDAP connector. This module also works with taglibs, the FI-WARE enabler (specific component for developing and connecting applications), and supports SSO.

Copyright: Knowage.

Our services

Our team of specialists will work with you for all types of projects. Indeed, IDFOR Solutions has a long experience in the field of data integration and dashboard design. Our expertise allows us to analyze your needs, to fulfill your requests, to advise you on the technologies to use, as well as on the standards of use.

We can provide you with services like :

Analysis of the need ;
– Specs writing ;
– Applications or dashboards setting-up, according to your needs ;
– Execution and writing of tests ;
Writing of documentation ;
Patches and maintenance … .

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IDFOR was created to simplify the digital transition of our customers, and to improve and simplify data transmission, relying on a high level of technical know-how..

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Our team is composed of experienced project managers. They are at the service of all your projects and will do their best to make them succeed.

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We manage your projects in an agile and interactive way, with your teams, in our offices and lead regular meetings and progress points with your project managers.


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