Keep Administration Trivial

KAT (Keep Administration Trivial) is an environment allowing to deploy, run and monitor Talend jobs, webservices and mediation routes.

Nowadays, more and more companies are equipped with information systems (IS). They communicate, transform, exchange data and perform tasks, often handled by an operator. KAT is an entirely developed by IDFOR Solutions software, responding to an industry’s global need, in terms of computers’ commands automation. It is a SaaS platform allowing to deploy, administrate and follow-up Talend jobs, mediation routes or webservices’ execution. KAT facilitates a lot of applications’ execution.

‘A unique deployment environment facilitating all your tasks’

KAT’s architecture

Take advantage of Apache’s scalability

KAT‘s architecture is based on the OSGI Apache Karaf server. It uses many open source components and bricks maintained by the Apache community, such as Karaf Cave Deployer, and Karaf Decanter.

In KAT‘s architecture, two types of servers, each based on Apache Karaf servers with specific features whose development is supervised by IDFOR, exist: KAT ADMIN and KAT EXEC. KAT servers are Windows and Linux compatible.

Main componants


KAT Admin is composed of two main features: KAT Backend (database and deployment orchestrator based on Karaf Cave Deployer) and KAT Frontend (providing SaaS interface for managing deployment servers and deployment services on these). An ELK stack provided by Karaf Decanter is often installed as a companion to KAT ADMIN, and allows the execution tracking of the processes deployed in the runtime environment.


KAT Exec is, in its case, composed of two main features: KAT Exec itself (allows the execution and planning of processing operations) and Kat Job Manager (allows Talend jobs’ deployment).


Several major features are available to you from the graphical management interface (KAT Frontend)

Store jobs

Store Talend jobs in a Nexus repository with a simple drag & drop system.

Deploy jobs

Deploy all your Talend jobs in KAT, thanks to the visual interface and its commands.

Execute jobs

Schedule, start immediately, pause (pause or stop) job execution.

Create workflows

Workflows interface allows  you to create execution plans and link different jobs by analyzing previous job’s output status.

Monitor jobs

Follow your jobs in Kibana. The flexibility offered by Kibana’s interface allows you to create dashboards, visualizations and alerts as you wish to see them. KAT comes with a collection of dashboards to get you started without delay in monitoring your production.


Never lose your mind

In case KAT ADMIN interface is subject to a service interruption, each KAT EXEC responsible for processing execution continues to run completely autonomously. SSH access to KAT EXEC’s in CLI mode gives you access to a large set of KAT commands, allowing any operator to continue deploying, running and monitoring processes, without the need for the GUI.


Talend Open Studio allows you to create jobs, and export them in *.zip format, in an archive containing all the necessary components to run the job autonomously on a Windows or Linux system.

In KAT ADMIN, these archives can be pushed into a Nexus repo for later deployment on one or more KAT EXECs.

KAT defines different runtime environments, such as a ‘local’, ‘test’, ‘preproduction’, or ‘production’. Each environment is defined one or more KAT EXEC servers to which the jobs will be deployed. Once deployed, jobs can be run, stopped, or scheduled for execution at regular intervals.

Execution’s result on KAT EXEC is constantly collected and sent to the ELK stack for analysis and graphical representation, delivering interpretable dashboards, without technical knowledge needed by an operating team.

Automate your workflows in seconds


⏱  Very fast install

🔠  Ease of use

⌛️   Responsiveness

📅   Scheduling and productivity gain

👨🏻‍💻  Massive job management

🎛️  Enhanced supervision

Test KAT !

Two test profiles

Viewer, allows you to see KAT’s environment, without modifying it.

Username: viewer

Password: viewer123

Operator, allows you to make changes to Talend jobs already uploaded on your Nexus repo.

Username: operator

Password: operator123

These two roles have a Kibana dashboard, accessible here.

To acces two more advanced profiles (Developer, and Admin), please contact us.

Help us develop KAT

Suggest new features

IDFOR’s KAT is an Open Source product distributed under Apache 2 license. The sources are available on GitHub. If you want to join the community and participate actively in KAT’s evolution of KAT, do not hesitate to let us know!

Our proposal

Our team helps you for all types of IT automation projects, Talend job design, mediation routes conception … . Our expertise and experience allow us to analyze your needs, advise you and fulfill your requests.

Our experts will be at your service, at each state of your project, in a personalized way :

– Analysis of your needs, advices ;
Specifications statement’s preparation ;
– Install, configuration, servers and KAT access personalization ;
Specific development or features’ implementation ;
 Support ;

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