IDFOR Cloud Integration

IDFOR Cloud Integration (I.C.I) is a simple access integration platform that allows you to exchange all types of data with your partners and help you to link your applications together.

Simplify your digital transformation with I.C.I !

Does your company need to exchange data in a fluid and easy way with its customers, subcontractors and partners or between its different departments?

IDFOR Cloud Integration provides the interface between all your interlocutors.

From one service to another, or with your external partners, you are assured that all messages are delivered without any loss of information.

“Exchanging your data is not complicated !” 😀

Key features

File transform

Do your data come in different digital formats ? Define the formats, the desired transports.

The platform ensures that data moving through your business is usable and manageable.

Data exchange

Collect data from multiple sources, and unify your SaaS applications like Salesforce, SAP … together!

All types of data are translated into a common format. Duplicates are eliminated, conflicts resolved.


Minimize human intervention and automate the transformations of your files.

Our orchestration features give you total control over your actions, and more visibility.

No code needed !

Our intuitive visual editor makes it easy to create simple connectivity scenarios as well as rule-based integrations to meet the needs of all customers !

Simple exchanges

Once your personal account is configured on our servers, you can start sending your files. They transit through our platform which converts them in the appropriate format for the recipient and transmits it in real time.

With few IT resources in-house, you can also update the formats, customize your mailings, enrich them with internal or external data … .

A single platform …

some features

User Oriented

Enjoy IDFOR Cloud Integration’s fine user and role management, within the application.


Easily be informed of potential failures through IDFOR Cloud Integration’s notifications.

Business Friendly

Pull your business conclusions faster, save your frequent and repetitive tasks, gain productivity.

100% "Fait en France" 😉 🇫🇷

… and hosted and France ! We have a clear vision of each IDFOR Cloud Integration’s data center, for a totally controlled infrastructure !

An advantageous model

Simplicity and diversity

Benefit from a simple and fluid user interface.

Various types of treatments are accessible from the same platform: Batch / Streaming / Big Data.

Benefit from many supported formats and standards :

  • EDIFACT, Sage X3, Salesforce, B2, Noemie
  • FTP, Google Drive, One Drive
  • Webservices, files … .

IDFOR Cloud Integration uses a MapReduce data processing engine on a so-called “classical” architecture, using artificial intelligence algorithms to optimize the actions.

Easily generate documents, emails and signatures, online.


IDFOR Cloud Integration fully secures access and communications.

You benefit from end-to-end traceability of the treatment chain, fully GDPR compliant.

We operate infrastructures with numerous recognized certifications (PCI-DSS, ISO / IEC27001, SOC1 Type II …).

IDFOR Cloud Integration’s technical infrastructure is spread across multiple sites.

We ensure high availability of your product.

Cost management

Benefit from an offer tailored to small businesses, reducing operating costs (eliminate low-value input tasks).

We assist you in setting up and using I.C.I.

Our hybrid deployment engine, dedicated server or public cloud allows us to manage traffic peaks at the lowest cost.

No constraint !

Enjoy an immediately available SaaS product.

Learn easily.

Start easily with user support.


Some other advantages

Ready to use platform

No complex configuration or installation procedure ! Register, and start.

Friendly plans

Benefit from our customizable plans, scalable according to your needs.


Always up to date

We simplify your work by sparing you the technical inconvenience, and keep our application up to date, so you focus on the main one.

📚 A large library of connectors

What are connectors ?

Connectors are visual representations of APIs. These elements can be dragged, dropped and connected to other I.C.I connectors. They offer you a new way to interact with APIs.

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📥 Business plug-ins

Why plug-ins ?

Plug-ins are additional bricks that you can add to I.C.I, allowing you to multiply its possibilities.

By adding an intermediate step to your data exchange, you add value to your data, to your files, and enjoy incomparable gains.

For example : We have developed a Product Information Management plug-in (PIM) to centralize and harmonize all your product information (both “marketing” and “technical”). Our PIM plug-in helps you provide data to any output channel.

IDFOR Cloud Integration’s PIM plug-in makes it possible to :

  • centralize information,

  • set up flows to communication media,

  • improve input comfort,

  • strengthen data consistency …

Various use cases

Redtree Solutions

Redtree Solutions Ltd. works with vendors in all major regions of the electronics industry, in the telecom / consumer electronics / industrial / military / aeronautics markets and fields, featuring innovative electronic components … .

▶️ Today working with I.C.I’s sales plug-in.

Sadem Group

The group is made up of three types of stores and is also the leading French purchasing and reference center supplying stores with motorcycle products. It brings together more than 200 groups of members, nearly 350 companies.

▶️ Today working with I.C.I’s PIM plug-in.

Let’s start !

We are I.C.I* ... what about you ? 😊

* :  in French, “ici” means “here”. That’s why we have fun creating puns around this common word.

Our team of specialists is at your side for all types of projects concerning your data exchanges. Our expertise and experience allow us to analyze your needs, advise you and give you all the support you need !


IDFOR’s promesse

IDFOR was created to simplify the digital transition of our customers, and to improve and simplify data transmission, relying on a high level of technical know-how..

Team spirit

Our team is composed of experienced project managers. They are at the service of all your projects and will do their best to make them succeed.

Agile approach

We manage your projects in an agile and interactive way, with your teams, in our offices and lead regular meetings and progress points with your project managers.


We implement professional methodologies for the success of your projects.
Our approach: AnalyzeDesignDevelopCheckDeliver.