Elastic Stack ELK expertise

ELK (ElasticSearch Logstash Kibana) is a suite distributed by Elastic allowing to monitor and create interactive dashboards for applications. Real-time analysis can detect failures with reactivity.

The volume of data generated by companies’ information systems is growing exponentially, and the exploitation of “big data” is an high stake for many of them.

Developers or network administrators become increasingly confronted with consulting logs. This task is not always easy, depending on the infrastructure. One solution is the centralization of server or application logs on a global system. This makes it easier to find and use logs from a web interface, and even to monitor errors, for example.

The Elastic Stack suite, ElasticSearch, Logstash and Kibana, is often cited as a response to this need. The proposed tools allow to visualize, to index, to detect tendencies, to parse, and to display large volumes of data coming from logs, in the form of dashboards.

ELK Stack

Elasticsearch is an engine running through a Rest API. It works thanks to the search engine “Lucene”, an OpenSource product under Apache. It makes it easy to index and query (via JSON queries) data stored in a NoSQL databases prepared to handle large volumes of data. The searches follow indexing criteria that are 100% configurable, in order to optimize them.

Logstash is a tool for collecting and analyzing log streams or input streams that can be of various types. Logstash parses the data lines and offers the opportunity to filter them, then transform them. Plugins also allowing different output formats, in order to return them to a collaborator who can process them, for example.

Kibana is a web interface for presenting data and documents from Elasticsearch as dashboards. Kibana displays data that can be refined in real time (including through filters), and offers many possibilities for graphical representations, simply and quickly, which can then be shared.

For what need ?

The most common need is to extract information that is hidden in a large data set. Whether in log files, or databases, the goal is to present them in a chart or a dashboard.

In the case of application malfunction monitoring (memory problem, CPU overhead …), problems are identified by collecting, filtering and analyzing the logs. The know-how lies in the correct data analysis, and the understanding of application’s architecture/different workflows.

The Elasticsearch Logstash Kibana suite is also powerful for collecting specific statistical data for a business. On the contrary, it is also used to have a global vision of a system, to monitor the load of an application or know the solicitations of a database. The monitoring of machines and applications, is carried out on the medium or long term, with the aim of drawing trends over three, six months, or even years.

Elasticsearch Logstash Kibana‘s capabilities will also be highlighted for workflow tracking. Indeed, different information is logged during each step, and it is interesting to make predictions or projections on different time units.

About ELK

ELK is an Open Source solution, licensed by Apache. The many (and intuitive) APIs available optimize development times. In addition, we will retain the ability to add a multitude of plug-ins, even to develop new ones.

Elasticsearch can be distributed across multiple nodes, making it scalable and fault-tolerant. It deploys in minutes, and its default configuration allows it to be quickly operational.

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