e-Commerce solutions

Everyone wants to achieve commercial success, and sell products optimally. In order for you to succeed, IDFOR Solutions will accompany you from one end to the other of the merchant chain. We: 1) offer e-commerce solutions adapted to all needs, and: 2) integrate all your business applications so that they communicate at best.

Today, companies are looking for all possible channels to maximize their business incomes. E-commerce proves to be one of the ideal solutions to achieve this. But, by selling online, companies face complex technical issues. A lot of knowledge is required in order to apprehend them calmly. IDFOR Solutions’ experts share all their skills so that business remains your only concern. In a context where trades evolve very quickly, we fluidify the communication between your applications, and come to you with a global application integration package, to better serve you.

“We interconnect all your online systems, in order to optimize YOUR business !”

A complete offer

Let’s connect your sales websites to all your business tools

We understand the importance of speed, reliability, security, simplicity for your sales tool panel. So we thought of a global offer that only allows you to worry about the main thing : to sell your products.

  • 🎨 Create,
  • 🔄 Automate,
  • 🛒 Sell,
  • 📈 Monitor … you are just a few steps from enjoying 🌴🏖️🏄.

In order for you to save time, we can propose you 100% interconnected and automated tools.

Data exchanges matter

An e-commerce website does not work alone. An entire ecosystem revolves around it. Many communications between applications can take place, such as:

  • With an ERP / CRM, to automate the management of your business contacts …,
  • With banks, to gain reliability in your exchanges of cash flows …,
  • With social networks, or multichannel marketing campaigns to generate leads …,
  • With your internal DAM tools (Digital Asset Management) or PIM (Product Information Management) …,

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the most widely used technology today for e-commerce. It concerns business documents exchanges, such as purchase orders and invoices, in a standard electronic format between trading partners or customers.

Why integrate all your apps ?


Time savings

  • You no longer have to work separately with each application because they communicate with each other.
  • Increase reliability, automate recurring tasks.

Financial benefits

  • Accept more payment methods and means.
  • Communicate better with your banks.
  • Secure transactions.

Data & Monitoring

  • Group your dashboards and monitor your KPIs.
  • Learn from your data.
  • Collect, analyze large amounts of data.

We value the assets of your e-commerce

Inventory management

Online trading is not synonymous with “zero stock”. On the contrary. E-commerce management platforms allow to manage this aspect with a lot of rigor. With IDFOR, monitor your indicators, learn from the data collected and anticipate the best.

Billing management

We wish you a lot of success, sales and 🌴. All this adds up to a lot of billing. We connect your systems so that they communicate as well as possible.

Customer relationship

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is one of the most important aspects of business in general. The major e-commerce platforms on the market allow you to turn it into a business asset. In addition, we are able to make connections between your CRM and your sales tools.


To sell well in your country is a good thing. Once this course is over, why not think about exporting? You will quickly be interested in developing your export sales strategy. Our mission in this: to set up all the application interfaces that you will need.

Customer review management

It can be quickly interesting to collect customer reviews to readjust the shot (… or just contemplate that everything is fine!). It can go very fast on the internet! More and more platforms make it possible. We make them communicate and collect relevant data for you.

We offer our expertise (design, interfaces …) for the following platforms :

… let’s start !

Our team of specialists is competent to work with you for all types of e-commerce projects. Our expertise and experience allow us to analyze your needs, advise you and fulfill your requests.

We adapt our services to all types of businesses: local SMEs, bigger companies … ! Do not hesitate anymore, and call on IDFOR !

IDFOR’s promesse

IDFOR was created to simplify the digital transition of our customers, and to improve and simplify data transmission, relying on a high level of technical know-how..

Team spirit

Our team is composed of experienced project managers. They are at the service of all your projects and will do their best to make them succeed.

Agile approach

We manage your projects in an agile and interactive way, with your teams, in our offices and lead regular meetings and progress points with your project managers.


We implement professional methodologies for the success of your projects.
Our approach: AnalyzeDesignDevelopCheckDeliver.