Digital signature

Sell&Sign is a SaaS solution allowing to implement digital signature on all types of documents.

Nowadays, the handwritten signature is slow and unreliable, to the point that it creates a certain administrative phobia in more and more French companies! Practices such as e-mail agreement, contract scanning, copy-paste of signatures previously drawn on PC are developing, to save time, but present lots of risks. In a 100% digital economy, and because we are at the dawn of a generalization of digital transactions, digital signature is increasingly relevant.

“We have a tool that revolutionizes e-signature”

A strong partnership

The same vision of data

Working with Calinda Software and its partners, we offer you a unique digital contracting experience:

  • 📜 No paper,
  • 📶 Multimodal,
  • 👩‍💻 Business oriented,
  • 🔀 Data-driven.

We believe in the value of data, in its importance, and want to offer you a powerful and enjoyable user experience, allowing you to collect important business data, edit contract, documents, add attachments and collect legally valid digital signatures.

In partnership with :

A complete business-oriented app

SELL & SIGN is a SaaS solution. This intelligent digital signature application makes it possible to personalize and integrate any document requiring a commitment of one or more persons (signatories).

Digital signature responds to many very specific business needs :

  • Engage customers, prospects, collaborators and partners in a multimodal way,
  • Simplify signing process,
  • Save time and increase transformation rate,
  • Measure and control factivity in real time from a dedicated back office,
  • Continuously enrich a CRM database … .

Certified contracts are registered in a blockchain-like registry, and massive automation of business processes is then made possible.


  • Integrates with the existing (ERP/CRM or information system …),
  • Allows you to digitize the company in real time,
  • Helps to dematerialize signed documents and archive them securely,
  • Provides uncomparable productivity gains,
  • Projects a dynamic and innovative image to customers and partners … .


A dedicated back-office

The solution makes it possible to manage the signed contracts, to measure and manage -from the headquarters- the contractual activity on all channels, to validate the contracts manually or automatically, via a dedicated portal.

Back-office also allows to :

  • Initiate signature “parcours“, and include variables in contract documents,
  • Segment contractual activity into zones (Enterprise Version),
  • Create campaigns,
  • … .

Note: signatories can find all archived contracts and exchanges related to them (attachments, discussions …) on a specific extranet.

Key features

Integrates with the crm base

Keep all the contact details of your customers and prospects close at hand and create new ones.


Captivate your prospects and your customers by performing an interactive customer “parcours”.


Have the same document signed by e-mail or face to face with several signatories.


Automate sending for signing contracts or other documents.

Legal value of contracts

Give a guaranteed legal value to all your contracts by relying on our trusted third party.

Dedicated back-office

Follow, keep and find all the documents signed daily by your agents.


Your signatories find, in a secure area, the documents they have signed with you, and can communicate with you.

IS integration

Integrate digital signature and automate data processing of your contracts with your information system.


Benefits of digital signature


Time saving

  • To obtain a signature
  • In administrative tasks
  • To exchange informations


  • Paper
  • Archiving
  • Courrier

Reduced risks

  • Less errors
  • Full legal and value control

Faster billing

  • Time saving leading better incomes

How to digitally sign ?

Remotely - by e-mail

  • Internal / external administrative formalities
  • Finalization of contracts / agreements
  • Distance selling

Limit your shipping costs, waiting time and recovery.

Face to face - tablet / phone

  • Traveling salesmen
  • Physical outlets

Limit the amount of documents to be transported. Work with offline mode !

Online - on a website

  • Online selling
  • Renewing subscriptions
  • Administrative extranets

Engage customers on your General Sales Conditions and simplify the subscription process thanks to the One Time Password and SMS systems.

A legal value

To satisfy all the legal requirements of the digital signature, our trusted third party partner will :

  • digitally sign the signatory’s documents and identify elements with electronic certificates validated by LSTI,
  • seal and time stamp the documents,
  • archive the document and the evidence in a certified and authenticated digital vault, according to NF Z42 013 standard.

In addition, the digital signature we propose you includes :

  • legal protection insurance,
  • identity theft insurance,
  • a free legal advice service to avoid any dispute.

Trusted partners

Lots of use cases is an online real estate agency that has completely redesigned its organization, and digitized all its processes by going to “zero paper”.


Bioderma has set up the electronic signature to equip all their pharmaceutical representatives to sign all contracts on tablet.

ABC Immobilier

ABC Immobilier is an independent real estate agency in Angers (France). It has simplified its processes, accelerated its management files and modernized its image using digital signature.

ADS Groupe

ADS Group’s (security solutions) sales representatives,  equipped with tablets, sign live rental, service, leasing and SEPA mandates.

What we’ll do for you

Our team of specialists will work with you for all types of projects (implementation of digital signature, dematerialization …). Our expertise and experience allow us to analyze your needs, advise you and fulfill your requests.

The electronic signature is adaptable and popular in commercial services, human resources, IT, legal, marketing … and for all sizes companies ! Contact us to :

Analyze your needs ;
Set-up your digital signature solutions ;
 Request support ;

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