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Apache ServiceMix is ​​an Apache Foundation project, written in Java, that offers an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). This container unifies the functionality of Apache ActiveMQ, Camel, CXF and Karaf into a powerful execution platform that can be used to create its own integration solutions.

Many information systems today do not have a high quality Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). But the success of an SOA transformation (mediation architecture) necessarily passes through this equipment. Indeed, more and more specific applications are forced to communicate and exchange data, without necessarily having been designed for this purpose. Application interaction is at the center of everything. ESB have often been perceived as heavy and time-consuming to implement, and licenses can sometimes be very expensive. Paradoxically, they are supposed to give more agility to information systems, in a SOA vision. The implementation of an ESB is therefore essential in an information system, in order to transfer, convert, enrich data from one software to another, instantly.

Today, many open source ESBs that are easier to set up can meet these needs. Apache ServiceMix is ​​a lightweight, flexible and efficient ESB technology based on Java JEE. At the center of the workflow, it is ideal for managing flows within information systems. Implementing open source in these allows, moreover, to avoid the constraints of so-called “proprietary” software editors.

Technologies involved

Apache ServiceMix includes the following technologies:

The Apache ActiveMQ open source messaging broker processes Java Messaging Service (JMS) messages.

Apache Camel, meanwhile, can route and perform message mediation. In addition, this integration framework allows to implement Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIPs). These EIPs are a reference in terms of message transmission within an information system.

Apache CXF (framework facilitating webservices integration) provides SOAP and JSON connectors for querying webservices.

Then comes Apache Karaf technology, which is a lightweight container for deploying components and managing Servicemix through a shell console.

More info

Based on Apache, ServiceMix is ​​modular, and has a very large community, as well as regular updates to fix version bugs. Open source technologies and modules from the Apache foundation are also used by other projects, such as Talend ESB, or RedHat‘s JBoss Fuse.

Consuming relatively few resources, ServiceMix has an SSH administration console to configure it and quickly diagnose possible anomalies.

Many connectors are offered, via Camel, to interact with applications, in JSON, SOAP, JMS ….

Our services

Our team, based in France will work for all types of development projects. Our expertise allows us to fulfill your requests, to advise you on the technologies to use, as well as on the standards of use. Our experts can be with you to deploy an ESB within your information system.

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