Apache Karaf expertise

IDFOR Solutions is specialized in Apache licensed technologies. Our expertise includes Karaf, environment, open source container, enabling to deploy components and applications.

Containers are an operating system virtualization method for running an application and its dependencies in isolated processes. Containers make it easy to group application code, configurations, and dependencies into easy-to-use blocks. They provide operational efficiency, developer productivity, and easier version control. Containers can help ensure fast, reliable, and consistent deployment of applications, regardless of the deployment environment. They also give more granular control over resources, thereby improving the efficiency of the infrastructure.

What is Karaf ?

Apache Karaf is an OSGi-based runtime environment that provides a lightweight container on which various components and applications can be deployed.

Apache Karaf can be run as a standalone container and provides various features, such as a shell console, remote access, hot deployment … .

Based on OSGi

The OSGi standard is a set of specifications that define a dynamic component system for Java. These specifications allow a development model where applications are (dynamically) composed of many different and reusable components.

Reduced complexity : The application is built with different components, which hide the details of their implementation against each other, reducing architecture’s complexity.

Reusability : Many components can take advantage of the same component deployed in a container.

Deployment : OSGi supports starting, stopping, and updating components on the fly, without restarting the container.

Karaf is working closely with Apache Camel, Apache CXF and Apache ActiveMQ, to turn this Swiss army knife into an ESB.

About Apache Karaf

Karaf can be used standalone, as a container, supporting a wide range of applications and technologies.

Karaf is the perfect solution for microservices, systems integration, bigdata … .

Apache Karaf uses the Apache Felix or Eclipse Equinox OSGi frameworks, providing additional features on the framework.

Apache Karaf can range from a very light container to a complete enterprise service: it is a very flexible and extensible container.

Some features

Hot deployment : Just drop a file into the deployment directory, Apache Karaf will detect the file type and try to deploy it.

Full Console : Apache Karaf provides a complete console to fully manage the container. This text console allows you to manage services, install new applications or libraries and manage their state.

Dynamic configuration : In Apache Karaf, all configuration files are centralized. Any changes in a configuration file are noticed and reloaded.

Native OS integration : Karaf can be integrated into any operating system as a service.

Advanced logging system : Apache Karaf supports many logging formats (slf4j, log4j, etc.). Regardless of the logging framework used, Apache Karaf centralizes the configuration into a file.

Remote access : Apache Karaf integrates an SSH server to use the console remotely. It is possible to execute commands in the console, and the management layer is also accessible remotely.

Multiple instances : Multiple instances of Apache Karaf can be managed directly from a root instance.

Bundles and features

In a component-oriented model, components called “bundles” can be installed, started, stopped, updated, and dynamically uninstalled without any framework restart. They can be local or remote and the framework manages their life cycle.


Bundles are components that work “together” or independently to form an application. These packages can be installed, uninstalled, updated, started, or stopped without restarting the container.


Features are a way to deploy multiple bundles together. Sometimes it makes more sense to deploy bundles as a group. Features allow you to deploy a group of bundles with a single command.

Various projects meeting different needs

Karaf Container

Karaf Container is a container that can host any type of application: OSGi, Spring, WAR, and much more. It is usable in standalone.

Karaf Cellar

Cellar is a clustering solution for Karaf, permitting to handle many instances of a Karaf container It also allows synchronization between instances.

Karaf Cave

Cave is an implementation of the “OSGi Repository”” specification, providing additional functionality to the Karaf container.

Karaf Decanter

Decanter is made for monitoring, alerting and monitoring business activity (BAM). It’s a fully extensible and customizable platform.

What we’ll do

Our start-up is composed of a team of specialists who will work with/for you for all types of projects. Our expertise allows us to analyze your needs, to fulfill your requests, to advise you on the technologies to use, as well as on the standards of use.

Our experts work in a personalized way for services of type :

– Need analysis ;
– Making of specifications ;
Set up and development according to the specifications ;
– Execution and writing of the different tests ;
– Correction and evolutionary maintenance … .

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