Angular Expertise

Angular is a free and open source development framework, developed by Google, allowing to develop web applications. Javascript and Typsescript are two languages allowing ​​to develop with Angular.


SaaS (Software As A Service) is a solution to the heaviness of physical software. These programs are accessible via web browsers. Angular is a language for developing powerful web applications. Created in 2009, it has become a must for web development. With a large community, many modules are available to facilitate developments.

We will help you develop all types of web interfaces. Our expertise in Javascript & Typescript allows us to support our clients, from creation to application maintenance.

Why use Angular ?

Angular is particularly adapted to develop complex applications. Because of its division into modules, it is quick and easy to create new functionalities in the application while controlling impacts on the existing one.

As a pioneer of the single page application, this framework allows you to dynamically reload different parts of the application without having to reload all the elements.

With many modules developed by the community, it facilitates the integration of complex features to implement, such as drag & drop, and file upload.

What makes the difference

An important community, which opens a wide range of options for developers, who can easily find various information and solutions.

Angular is fast. While any large and complex web application takes a long time to develop, Angular makes it possible to develop small applications very quickly. In addition, it can also be used to develop large projects.

A panel of available modules. Angular offers a lot of “plug-and-play” modules shared by the community.

What we’ll do for you

Our experts help you in a personalized way for services as :

– Need analysis ;
– Establishment of specifications ;
– Application development according to the specifications ;
Tests writing and execution ;
– Documentation writing ;
Corrections and maintenance ;

IDFOR’s promesse

IDFOR was created to simplify the digital transition of our customers, and to improve and simplify data transmission, relying on a high level of technical know-how..

Team spirit

Our team is composed of experienced project managers. They are at the service of all your projects and will do their best to make them succeed.

Agile approach

We manage your projects in an agile and interactive way, with your teams, in our offices and lead regular meetings and progress points with your project managers.


We implement professional methodologies for the success of your projects.
Our approach: AnalyzeDesignDevelopCheckDeliver.